Church Membership:

In order to grow effectively in the body of Christ, it is important to belong to a Bible- based, spirit-led family of believers. We need to join together in spirit to function as a healthy local church body and to seek the synergy that releases our corporate potential in God.
A. The benefits of belonging to a local church are:

  • Spiritual covering and a place of belonging.
  • Supportive network of fellow believers and accountability.
  • Spiritual direction and growth and access to pastoral care
  • Opportunities for greater involvement and being part of a greater Christian witness.

B. The membership process

Step 1: Attend a membership information session

  • These informal information sessions take place directly after Sunday services.

Step 2: Complete the membership form

  • Every person committed to the membership process will be expected to complete the membership form, the goal of this form is to help the church officially acknowledge and welcome the new member into the Christian Family.

Step 3: Discipleship TrainingThe purpose of this training is to help the new member to grow spiritually and to become more like Jesus.

Daily Bible Verses

Job 24:17 - "For the morning is to them even as the shadow of death: if one know them, they are in the terrors of the shadow of death."